Haunted Edinburgh (2007) a collection of popular and more authenticated accounts of hauntings in and around the Scotland’s capital city. Interestingly, what are today classed as popular or folkloric accounts at certain locations appear to have had a basis in 19th century reports of phenomena which survive in archives.
A guide book to the celebrated ghosts of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, Haunted Edinburgh looks into the truth behind the legends and oft-told tales which have fascinated visitors to this historic city and its environs for generations. Delving into records and archives and tracing original sources, a number of classic stories turn out to have had a foundation in genuine paranormal experiences in the 19th and early 20th century. Including the hauntings at Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace, the cursed Egyptian Bone of the Seton family and the mischievous poltergeists of Fountains Hall and the oldest pub in Scotland, ghostly phenomena old and new are approached in light of the findings of psychical research.