Haunted Brighton (2006) a collection of ghost stories. apparitional experiences and popular beliefs, including previously unpublished accounts from the Society for Psychical Research dating back to the 19th century and from the files of ghost investigator Andrew Green (1927-2004).
Accounts of apparitions, manifestations and related paranormal phenomena, both well-known and previously unpublished, from in and around Brighton, Sussex. Drawing upon historical and contemporary sources, Haunted Brighton contains a fascinating range of ghostly phenomena, including examples drawn from the files of the Society for Psychical Research and local researchers. From the ‘ghost’ of Cary Grant at the Rottingdean Club, the ‘Screaming Skull’ of the Lanes, the homicide victim at a night club and the séances at Preston Manor where the ghost spelt out ‘Prove me innocent’, this collection provides a handy guide for anyone exploring the paranormal aspects of one of England’s most popular seaside resorts.


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