Published: 2014-06-23
Duration: 53:35:00

Ordsall Hall Ghosts – The White Lady – UK Ghost Hunts – S01 E01

Season One Episode One of Uk Ghost Hunts. A team of dedicated friends teamup with the members of the public who share an interest within the paranormal, Together We produce a unique show, using real methods to contact spirits. Today we are are Ordsall Hall, Greater Manchester.. Will tonight investigators find evidence of life after death? You really don’t want to miss this show!

Money making racket, that’s all

hey Fans The New TV Show Episode One Is here!nOrdsall Hall The White lady.nnGive it a try.nFeedback welcome.

What the hell did i just watch. A six year old could of done better. I’ll watch the other shows to see that they are better.

very interesting investigation,,great team,

Absolutely amazing, please do more!! youll make my day replying to this :):) Please Please Please

And the blind folds achieved and proved what exactly? I would suggest ear muffs would have been more appropriate don’t you think?

I am sorry to say that was very poor, are you really serious on this topic.

Great episode can’t wait for the next

Over the last ten years I caught thousands pix with really good captions. I am sorry that they have closed the Great Hall cam since more than one year. It’s incredible what’s going on there at night and even at the early evening hours as well. The best time to catch apparitions were the sundown moments when the light got darker and the image got more contrast. I took so many very clear pix of entities, humanlike ones, animals, dwarfs, just faces all around the hall (even in flight or on top of the balcony, children, men, women of all ages and even some very horrifying demonlike figures and faces. I don’t understand why the best Ordsall Hall cam is closed since that long time.

Kill the music o we can here what they say… Otherwise great.

My favourite part was the dancing Oujia board when the music went on.

Great start to the first episode .

very. bad. sound. just in the first few minutes, when the narrator is being overwhelmed by the music, already…..

Great start to the first episode .

Do you ever think they investigate a building and find out someone simply smoking pot?

To slow and hard to tell if the table really moves, etc. Kinda boring and never finished.

i am showing no disrespect in any way. i love your methods,as i haven’t seen many like it. only one lil problem,there is just to many people in there to much contamination.i have faith in ya’ll. your going to be great. thank you for your program.maybe break them down and send them other area’s ? i think you might be missing alot. i hope not. god bless,be safe.

Did you brake away and set up your own team? because I’m sure I’ve seen some of you before? Am sure you did a old school?

P.s. Was not trying to be rude, think you are on the right track, just maybe a little fine tunning maybe is all. Thank you though for posting your videos.

Hi Richie,nNo disrespect but the uk ghost hunts team work very hard in trying to get evidence in the paranormal the team are all very passionate about the paranormal and I think your comments are unjustified, everyone has the right to an opinion but nobody has the right to be nasty”}