Published: 2016-08-28
Duration: 2:49

Ghosts Sighting at the Metropolitan State mental Hospital

We were on the set of one of our student films and I accidently captured a ghost on camera at 2:36 you will see the ghost walking in the hallway

There are a few Metro states out there, I believe I know the one your talking about, its in England….My video was shot in Norwalk, California

I thru up all the footage so noone said I edited it…all I did was add the credits at the start and end

Its the metropolitan State Mental Hospital in Norwalk Ca. and parts of it are still in use..

Well….Well…..Well……we have a “know it all” if ghosts are only in our minds….then how did we capture this on a “Non Thinking” Camera….

Of course its real….it says so at the start of the film…

I was using my little crappy little jvc camera…spooky huh!

The Camera Is Static Because it is on a tripod…..rnrn You see what you want to see…..

I saw it at 2:36 also…wow…that’s freaky. 🙂

I believed you then.

I’m Sure she will pleased to hear it…

totally saw it about twnty or so feet in front of the camera walking across the hallway messed up and the girl saying that line was funny too good video

I dont know if its real or not,,,I just showing you what I found.

It could just be a reflection of a person @ opposite end…on glass…?

This place is brought me here from zombie movie of 2005 “Day of the dead 2: Contagium” in the movie is called Ravenside Memorial Hospital…

Who Knowa

@chimpanity correction new england specifically in Waltham Mass

its as genuine as a chineese copy of windows 7

better cut the video, upload for the point.. it’s wasting time. beside,… this is fake.

You see what you want to see.

what do they do? drive?”}