Published: 2016-04-15
Duration: 8:14

Ghosts of England Ep 35 – West Midlands

A week later than I would like to have posted but I have been busy moving house, So please enjoy episode 35 of Ghosts of England, today, we check out 12 real ghost reports from the West Midlands. Picture Credits –… Music Credits – “Come Play with Me” Kevin MacLeod (  Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0…

Aaah finally! I’ve found myself looking forward to your spooky reports =)

Excellent, who doesn’t love English ghosts ?

Why no Station Hotel, Dudley?

Yardley old church over the road from that haunting in that house as been going on for a long time and I’ve heard loads of madness of dog walkers seeing things and running like crazy and from people that don’t believe in this after life and are head shot to this day it’s extremely bad behind the church wall after dark 100 percent to experience something as many I know even travelers that invade the park behind the church don’t last longnAs you can imagine it’s got a bad history on some bad stuff for real

Why’s my house not I here

Witton lakes Birmingham glowing girls ghost

Thank you I really enjoyed your video and the great stories. X

What, no Haden Hill Park story? The blue lady is infamous locally.

Thanks mate GREAT channel keep it up i live on castle vale there has also been pilots seen in the houses opposite the air feild one pilot always has the same description even been witnessed in the kitchen of one ladys house . i heard this when i workrd on the houses and a jester ghost haunting dead opposite sainsburys garage and supermarket it terrified the lady and daughters who lived there and she rang the police but advised her to get the church involved .the jester was small and very ugly funny enough the pub across the rd is the jester and i live in the raf cottages right by these haunts my house itself has had some strange incidents cheers buddy.”}