Published: 2007-10-06
Duration: 1:42

ghost sighting at our house!!

PAUSE EXACTLY AT THE LAST SECOND OF THE VIDEO-no one is wearing white shirt that time and that ghost got some shadows it gets hit by the sun…and its like hes goingthrough the wall or sumthing. UPDATE: youtube took off a very small part of the vid at the last part so you cant see completely the ghost im talking about. im going to upload it again soon if i find the video

thats just a shadowrnhow come the guy bending over didnt see it standing right next to him

the wall to HIS left?rnor behind him?

i dunno what im lookin at

I didn’t see jack ..nevermind a ghost…

No, those are reflections, they move at the same rate as the camera, don’t worry. If you pause it at 1:41, or 1:42, you can see the guys’ pant legs. Nice try.

thats a personnnot a ghost

i think its genuine!! finally a video thats not a stupid idiot in a sheet!!”}