Published: 2016-11-26
Duration: 2:42

FEMALE GHOST SIGHTING IN BARN! – Ep 5 Haunted House Sitters

Mya Papaya sent me the next part of her documentary! It’s kind of terrifying. Are the farmers just using the scythe for cutting hay, or is it the weapon that killed the ghost? Connect with Mya Papaya YOUTUBE:… TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:… TUMBLR: SNAPCHAT: smallhobbitpie PINTEREST:… Connect with Hannah TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: SNAPCHAT: maikai7 Connect with Phil INSTAGRAM:… SNAPCHAT: marvinpj89 Connect with Ari INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: SNAPCHAT: ariboo26 Music by Kevin MacLeod via Used with permission via creative commons license 3.0 Sound FX provided by Sound Effects (free trailer kit) Free Stock Footage Archive To see the short I made with Disney, go to the Disney Channel Youtube here: It’s called Misfits! My channel has MANY different types of videos: scary, funny, paranormal, horror, comedy and more! Even some KILLER CLOWNS! Watch the ones you like and comment, share, like and enjoy! And please subscribe! You can now preorder book 3, The Sacrifice of Sunshine Girl :… via @amazon NOW, In bookstores throughout the USA & UK, THE AWAKENING OF SUNSHINE GIRL, book 2 in the trilogy! (other countries to follow!) See below for links to all the places you can find the book! My 1st AND 2nd book (THE HAUNTING OF SUNSHINE GIRL and THE AWAKENING OF SUNSHINE GIRL) are out now and available for purchase. Walk into your local store and pick up a copy or choose one of the links below: Amazon: Target: Books-A-Million: Barnes and Noble : Indie Bound : Powells : Walmart: Books published by Weinstein Books : My first 2 books are now available on Tapas! Download now and bookmark, read and like: The Haunting of Sunshine Girl and The Awakening of Sunshine Girl” Links to download:…… To bring Paige McKenzie in to speak to your school or library, contact: Anna Millard at Anna Millard | Director Hachette Speakers Bureau 437 Fifth Avenue, 7th Fl. New York, NY 10016 P: 212-647-6331 Check out Chapter One of my new book for free (NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE) … all you have to do is sign up for my awesome newsletter Sunshine Sneak Peeks and I’ll send you Chapter One instantly. FREE. How great is that? Sign up here: Download full adventures and the feature film THR33 here! Help support my projects for as little as a $1 per month and get EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes content! Patreon is here: Visit the OFFICIAL Haunting of Sunshine Girl merchandise shop at And be sure to subscribe! BUSINESS EMAIL: Here’s how to keep up with me across other places on the inter webs! OFFICIAL WEBSITE http://www.thehauntingofsunshinegirl…. TUMBLR: FACEBOOK… TWITTER PINTEREST: INSTAGRAM: ETSY:… SNAPCHAT: officialhsg All videos featured on this channel are via Coat Tale Productions Mercedes Rose Nick Hagen Paige McKenzie Special thanks to my Patreon supporters Jefferson Passos, Brett Howe, Zambie Slayer and Martin Darwent!

I had my ear phones in FULL BLAST… when she saw the ghost… you can probablly tell what happpened next…

I bit into a donut when the ghost appeared. May my donut live in peace. Lol! :)❤️


Hiiii!! Happy Saturday Sunshine❤️

Everytime they see a ghost appear they always put that creepy sound

where you guys scared when you saw that ghost sunchine

I’ve seen enough ghosts in my time and you will never get one on video like you did. This is fake.

I love this series

Good video, partly really scary

I know that ghost. She gives me haunted spankings

love the music and settings

i jumped when the ghost was there

how do you guys sleep at night with all this Paranormal Activity

3 third comment

omg i saw a ghost

How do you sleep with ghosts, and demons

omg i saw i ghost

Hi I love your channel I was the 3rd one to comment

Hi Sunshine

love u because you are awesome and cool


look at all the orbs

3rd ayyy

i like your vide


Why is it Black and Grey (Mostly Grey) just saying




I cant sorry

So many orbs flow trough the barn!