Published: 2007-06-02
Duration: 0:15

Actual Ghost Sighting Captured on a European Ad

Afraid of the paranormal? Curious about the afterlife? Willing to find the answers? Then watch this real scenario and turn off the lights. These disturbing images will send a chill down your spine. Beware….

me and my friend are laughing so hard we’re about to pee our pants, even though we fell for it, its hilarious!!

LOL I remember watching this many years ago as a kid and jumping back.

oh god, i nearly had a heart attack!

Oh my god, the comments on this one are hilarious! 😀 *hands lollipops to everyone to make them feel better*

We knew that something would pop up yet we still screamed loud!!!!! My heart is still pounding.

Haha my 4th grade teacher showed the class this, he was awesome…


Nuh uh! The oldest trick is the joy buzzer! :p yea this is pretty old…

Oh my god. That totally freaked me out! Hahaha!

i jump everytime i watch this

lol this is too damn funny, i almost wet my pants!

That really made me jump. Brilliant.

hey thanks.but when i first saw this im put my volume all the way down then i see him im like:i am so happy my volume was down

HA! I am going to use this on soo many people! I hope the haven’t seen it 😛

lol i rememeber this

lol i 1st saw that on laptop……i didnt see it it was ma dad and all i heard was that scream!

It’s freaky at first, but the ad is hilarious

HAHAHA and i was looking for it on the road =P

dont worry, ur safe with us now 🙂

this one’s done the rounds a bit – still good for showing to someone who’s never seen it. worth needing a new set of pants! :D”}