Published: 2016-08-30
Duration: 5:33

5 SCARIEST Ghost Sightings Caught On Camera

Today we have the top 5 scariest ghost sightings caught on camera! These videos creep me out as I would not normally believe in ghosts but these videos say other wise.. If you want more ghost videos, LEAVE A LIKE! 500 likes for a Part 2! Videos used : Boy Attacked by Ghost on the News:… A Ghost at the Hayswood Hospital:… Ghost Attack at the Malaysian Hospital:… The hallway spirit:… The Gettysburg Ghost:… All these videos used are not mine and are used for entertainment purposes only. Follow My Twitter Subscribe to never miss a video! If you’d like to support this channel you can tip me here Join Fullscreen to make money off YouTube!…

I was straightening my hair while watching thisnnnnnnnI got burnt

1:58 ni saw this. My older brother showed it to me. He said those people were couples and the guy had to do something. The guy was up at a place with monitors and randomly, turn on and off over and over. The chair moved and he started to freak out. He ran out of the exit. But in the camera, he was not going out. So there is a possibility the ghost kidnapped him. Meh the ghost probably just wants the wifi password idk

Watching scary things makes me cry

InfiniteArmy RulesnnYou rock Caylus!!!

Ummm, who is watching in 2018? Lol

i’m watching the new video in 2020,now i’m watching this.who’s doing this like me?

OMG so creepy PS are is case cam ahhhhhhh it is sooooooooooooo creeepey oh my god so creepy +the like picture on the start of the video I can’t remember the name of that girl I think it might be the Black Eyed Girl ghost something like that do they got a quiz that hospital down

I subscribed to the chanel and I turned on notifications☺

2:27 that footage is actually a trailer for a movie

Looking through the comments so I won’t be scared

I’m not scared of anything but the lord

If there’s something strange happening HOW YA GONNA CALL GHOSTBUSTERS

I subbed & clicked the bell !!!

His voice is so different from 2019

in the first one when the boy gets dragged again after the mum grabs him you can see a figure in the direction he was being pulled in the doorway like if see it

What happened to reaction 🙁

1:49 when that figure moves it’s prob. just the light from the little specks of light in the darkness so that won i think is a hoax

I subskribed and liked!!

Late squad am I right?! Summer of 2019!

I’m scared now I will never get out of the place I’m in”}