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If you or a loved one have suffered injury following a surgical procedure, you may be able to make a claim for medical negligence.

All forms of surgery carry a degree of risk and that is something we accept when agreeing to undergo a procedure. It is important that the doctor treating you discusses the likelihood of any complications with you before the surgery takes place. However, if the outcome is worse than expected due to a poor standard of care or a mistake on the part of the surgical or aftercare team, there may well be a case for negligence.

Many surgeons work under immense pressure with a list of patients they are expected to operate on every day. Negligence can arise from using faulty equipment, or leaving behind dressings or other implements. Lack of training or inexperience can also lead to surgery going wrong.

Here at Pryers Solicitors we have helped many patients recover much needed compensation after suffering harm due to poor treatment during or after surgery.

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Medical Negligence During Surgery