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I’ve been coming out after the after

surgery and he sets me yet he said all
good removed everything you’ve got clear

margin happy about everything so I said
on what what you mean but what’s a clear

margin you said let’s put this way guys
it’s like you won the lottery is it in

1995 tina was diagnosed with
endometriosis tromo sie coma a rare

cancer of the pelvis she was told a full
hysterectomy was required to remove her

cancer after her operation she was given
what she thought was incredible news her

cancer had been removed and no further
treatment was necessary but

unfortunately this wasn’t quite the case
as a precaution every three months
Tina returned to the Royal Free Hospital

for scans eight scans later and two
years to the day to play hysterectomy

Tina receives some devastating news what
phone call here at 8 o’clock at night

from the consultant unfortunately I’ve
seen the scans there’s a six centimeter

tumor and a three centimeter zero I want
you in tour thanks Wayne

and we operate I said what is the
procedure he said well he said this

tumor in your bladder is so big he said
that the only way of making sure we’d
get a clear margin or we get it all he

said is to remove your bladder no way he
told me two years ago had a clear margin

and look where I am now isn’t that point
you mean removed my bladder my sister

well ahem you know was the cancer
different then what’s different then

between now and and before mr. infantino
I’m not prepared to answer that question

I wasn’t involved two years ago I’m not
gonna answer that question

Tina suffered immensely due to dr.
McLean’s medical negligence but the NHS

litigation agency made it extremely
difficult for her to get any justice

through the UK courts each year the NHS
litigation agency sets aside 26 point 1

billion pounds in order to cover
outstanding litigation this is almost

one-quarter of the annual NHS health
budget in 2013 the NHS considered taking

away a patient’s right to sue but is
this really fair on those patients that

have had their lives affected by medical
negligence or should we give our doctors

our break I think like any organisation
they’re struggling to find funds and the

government has recognized that the costs
of paying out compensation to many

claimants who are deserving goes not
just a millions but is several billion

pounds and that all has to be found from
frontline services so the government has

looked at ways of I believed actively
discouraging claimants from bringing

claims doctor Maclean’s medical
negligence was massive
destructive 13 she went on to have

another 13 operations the cancer
severely damaged her kidneys and she has

now lost parts of her bladder all I
wanted was him

to apologize and for his McLean to stand
you know to stand a coun that he had

done something wrong
because he had done something wrong what

the major thing he did wrong is that he
didn’t have a clear margin when he did a

hysterectomy and he told me I had a
clear margin I did so what he should

have done in 95 is offered me
radiotherapy the NHS do recognize their

responsibility to patients and are
actively making improvements to

encourage more vigilant practice as part
of our normal practice we look at things

that go wrong and every week we have a
meeting a conference room meeting with

our saw Jenny members of staff and the
nurses and we call it a mortality and
morbidity meeting and we discuss all

deaths and all complications that is all
things that go wrong after surgery

doctors take time to reflect on their
mistakes but for some doctors there are

reasons why mistakes happen in the first
place on the 28th of October junior

doctors took to the streets of Leyland
to protest against longer contract hours

but the main worry was not for
themselves but instead their patient

safety we’re working tired and patients
are already sick enough without us

potentially making mistakes that we
wouldn’t make when we weren’t tired the

main worry is the patient safety and
we’re gonna be working longer hours and

we’re gonna be tired and tie drops make
mistakes it seemed every year the NHS is

budget is essentially being wasted on
medical liabilities

mistakes in the workplace are made every
day and while some of them can be
inconsequential others can be

life-changing I wouldn’t advise anyone
to go through that claimants like Tina

simply want justice and compensation for
the devastation they have enjoyed but is

this too much pressure for our doctors
who are simply trying to do their job


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